BSc Mechanical Engineering program image
Undergraduate full-time study (first-cycle) program 3.5 years (7 semesters)

Tuition fee: 1000 EUR / semseter

The University offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure. There are 40 modern research and teaching labs financed from the EU funds (over 20 million US dollars):

  • Weapon laboratory
  • Automotive laboratory
  • 3D printing laboratory
  • Laser technology laboratory (the only laser centre in Poland)

... and others

Job opportunities after graduation

1) Aeronautics an opportunity to work as a jet engine designer. You will have a chance to get promoted to aeronautics companies in Germany & the USA

2) Railway industry - as a mechanical engineer you can design train and rail facilities in big rail manufacturing projects

3) Automotive sector - the University collaborates with some automotive companies such as Toyota or Man where the students can do an internship. Students get job offers from these companies after or even during the studies

4) Medicine sector - as a mechanical engineer you can get a job at a company that designs medical robots and medical equipment. Some of our graduate work in companies like Philips and Renishaw

5) Gas & Oil facilities - Companies like British Petrol (BP) and Orlen give jobs to the graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program

6) Defence facilities (military) 

In Poland, and most European countries, the average salary of Mechanical Engineer after graduation from the BSc program is around 24.000 $ per year. In some European countries like, for example, Switzerland the evarege annual salary can reach even 100.000$